Training and Workshop

My experience shows that there 3 types of education in general
Basic — schools, college, and university. Those are clear education, you need to learn before you can do something.

«Move in» education/training — when you are have something new to learn, new business, new methods, etc. There is always something new to learn, so this very important type of learning.

«Moving forward» training -those are motivating training, they have few new things, you don’t learn too much here, but after you arrive to be motivated to work.
My team of professional trainers with over 10 years experience each can offer you training 2 and 3.

Sales in Messengers. Do you know that new generation Z would like to speak face to face or communicate with a different type of messengers? Are you and your personnel is ready to sell using WhatsApp/Viber/Facebook messenger? How are you going to use this new possibility? Be the first to know it.

Automotive aftersales is a very specific market. I have perfect knowledge and understanding of this market and can offer you an Adhoc training, design specifically for your needs. Teach your sales representative, wholesalers, and even retail partners what are the best ways of selling your products!

Your team is demotivated? moving out of the town together doesn’t work, you are still not the team? Learn yourself and learn the people around you. With this program, you will have specific training and will understand the best sides of your team and will turn it for the good of the company.

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