Market Intelligence

Market intelligence turned into actions

Market surveys are dead, already today there is too much information, we don’t need to collect information, we need to filter or just pick up the information we need. Data analysis and market intelligence already accounts for half of market in USA. Using my and my team experience we did the next step. We offer market intelligence and implementation of the solution at the same time. Do you want to increase sales? We offer to find what are clients needs and will train your sales personnel how to use these knowledge. Do you want to increase loyalty of your customer? We investigate the decision making process and provide you step by step solution to increase it. No nice to have information, just action. Please read some cases below.

Case 1. Content marketing

In the modern era of internet and social media every company is facing the same issue — how to feed social media accounts, news magazines with something interesting. To keep your company on the top of the edge of industry news, in order your followers keep following you, your audience grow?

We can offer you a specific product — we will create an up to date market research especially for your company/industry/product, so you will have at least 10 pages of graphics, one big press release to use for the magazines and newspapers, 3 short posts to publish with social media. We can do 6 surveys per year, every 2 months you will have new information to publish up to 24 surveys to publish some content every 2 weeks. Instead of reposting something switch to newsmaker company.

Case 2. Gruzdev Aftersales Index (GAI)

With over 10 years of experience in automotive after-sales market research, I arrive to create one single index which allows seeing the potential of the after-sales market of any area starting from the country and down to cities. The higher the index the better is the potential of the area, but we also indicate which type of after-sales product suits this area better — premium, budget or low-cost products. An easy to understand and easy to use tool will allow you to follow very quickly the situation on the market. Do you want to have a good explanation of why wholesaler or retailer in one area performs better than the other? Check the potential first and arrive at your regional partner with a very clear message!

Case 3. HR marketing

Customer survey, Customer satisfaction (CSI), NPS, Customer expectations, etc. We have done so many things about our customers and this is normal they pay us, but who earns this money for us? Is it CRM systems? Website? How do we care about our people? Those who work for us. What do you know about them? What they would like to have? What are the things that motivate them? Can we pay less and keep them motivated? If we pay more will they be more motivated?

Out of the top 5 richest companies in the world, all of them are in the top 10 list of companies who cares more about their employees. Do you have a «star» employee? How to motivate him/her? Other employees are motivated or demotivated with this person?

Take care of your staff and they will bring you much more than today.

Adhoc surveys

You have any specific need and would like to have experienced and detailed answer. I’m the right person to speak to. Over 20 years in total in market intelligence, 12 in the automotive market, 5 in FMSG. Any type of surveys — quantitative and qualitative, face-to-face, phone interviews, online, mystery shopping everything is available. But this is not all, you can be sure that you will NOT have the data, you will have analysis, you will not have the graphics, you will have the understanding, not Powerpoint/PDF, but solution, no nice to have information, just action.

Write to me directly to make the first step to improve your company situation.

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