About Me

I’m Alexander Gruzdev — extraordinary ability person in business analytics. In 2019 the USA government approved it.

Since I was 14 I was working in the market research industry, I made several businesses including gambling, retail shops, and real estate, but I never quit market research, in last 15 years I was a general manager and shareholder in this segment. I have experience in market intelligence in over 20 countries in the world (Europe, Russia, Asia, MENA region) for more than 100 different customers.

My main achievements in professional life:

  • Over 1000 surveys done, 500 specifically in the automotive sector.
  • Over 100 articles in professional and common magazines and newspapers.
  • Over 100 times speaker at conferences and TV
  • Create a new unique tool to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the car, based on big data
  • Wrote the book about market research in the automotive sector ”Intellectual analyze”
  • Get social psychologist degree
  • Get Ph.D. degree in economics
  • Get Hypnosis specialist
  • Get psychosomatic specialist
  • Create own education program about analyze of information and started it in 2 major universities of Russia.
    I will be glad to serve you and provide you with the best service possible from 2 my companies in USA and Russia whatever is more convenient for you.
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