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My name is Alexander Gruzdev, and I’m a market intelligence expert with a total experience of over 20 years. I have conducted thousands of surveys in more than 20 countries in the world for hundreds of different clients. But I understand that to do the study is easy. Make the insightful analysis, find a key to real client and implement the solution that is the main reason I work. I spend hours and hours to get the critical findings for my clients and the best way to implement the solution. No «nice to have» information!
My main focus is customer experience and customer psychology.

Market Intelligence

Today about 40% of the entire market research industry is dedicated to the analysis of the data. We are at the forefront of this tendency. Together with classic market research, we do have a particular experience, knowledge, and deep understanding of how to analyze information to provide an evident vision for our clients.

Training and Workshop

Training and education is something we should never stop. Only new knowledge and experience can move us forward. As «we» for the company also means all the employees, this is one of the main success steps every company needs to do. All and every top rated company spend a lot of money on the education of employees. If you don’t learn to be better today, tomorrow, you don’t exist.

Social Networks

Social networks are existing for less than 20 years, booming for only the last decade, but it already changed our everyday life. A lot of companies can analyze social media users’ behavior, habits, and brand-related information. However, I believe that the main advantages are still emerging – I can offer you private online community management. Do you want to have a full power market survey for any of your needs done in a few hours? It could be done.

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